Our Principles



All funds and donations collected by Phoenix Foundation are distributed directly to our projects according to need, without any exemptions or cuts. No members are paid a salary, privately profit or receive any portion of the collected funds. In order to provide accountability, the financial transactions of our organization are readily available. Transactions and receipts can be requested by our donors at any time. In addition, we publish regular and detailed information regarding program implementation, development, and progress of our individual projects.


All founding members of Phoenix Foundation have a voice and equal say in our joint decision-making process. We encourage all members, as well as donors and any interested individual, to contribute ideas, suggestions and comments at any time.


We at Phoenix Foundation emphasize human rights and make sure these values are enshrined and implemented in our everyday work and choice of projects. The physical and mental well-being and care of children and adolescents is our number one priority and can never be allowed to fall behind any other needs or interests. Children should be treated with respect, be encouraged in their individual talents and involved in decision-making, so that their needs remain the focus. No violence or coercion may be used in dealing with children. Physical disciplinary measures and preferential treatment towards boys will never be tolerated in any of our supported projects. Our philosophy is to provide not only access to education and teach so-called ‘life skills’ to children and adolescents, but also to emphasize love, care and support. Only in this way can they grow up to become educated, content and successful adults.

Capacity Building

When choosing projects to partner with, we make sure that they are organized in accordance to the principle of ‘help for self-help’. We do not force changes from the outside, but act in close partnership with the local community and offer our support according to their needs and circumstances. The local population should always be the main player in the implementation of solutions and operation of the projects. Our credo is: the people concerned know best what they need and how we can support them.