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Phoenix Foundation e.V.
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Becoming a funding member

With only 60 or 120 Euros per year you can contribute to support many children worldwide.

Sponsoring memberships facilitate our work a lot, because we can plan much better and know that the basic financing of our partner projects is guaranteed. To apply for a sponsoring memberships simply download the application form right here, fill out and sign, and send it back to us via mail or e-mail!

You have questions regarding the sponsoring memberships? Don’t hesitate to contact us on

Please download the form right here:

What happens with your donation?

Phoenix Foundation is politically independent and financed completely by private donations. In order to avoid funds just sitting in our account – because for example your donation is for a certain purpose only – your donations are always appropriated according to specific needs across all our projects. We transparently show how and where the funds are utilized and provide documentation of the progress achieved by the various projects.

For the further development of Phoenix Orphanage Organization, we are urgently in need of donations to cover the ongoing costs for all children.

Similarily, we have committed to cover the maintainance of the Phoneix Tent School for two to three years. 

Additionally, we currently support the Munich based organization ghettokids and fund some of their wonderful projects. 

For more detailed information please have a look at the respective project description.

Information for donors

All donations to Phoenix Foundation e.V. are deductible as allocations towards the facilitation of tax-privileged uses according to paragraphs §§ 52 to 54 of the German tax code laws for up to 20% of your income.

Phoenix Foundation provides unsolicited, tax deductible donation receipts for each charitable contribution, that will be sent to you alongside a thank you-letter.

Phoenix Foundation e.V. has been registered as a charitable organization according to § 5 KStG and received the tax exempt status through the Munich tax authority on the date 07/19/2016 (tax identification number 143/220/41129).

We reaffirm that each donation received by us will be utilized strictly as defined by our constitutional purpose of providing care and education to children and youth. A 100% of donations received goes directly towards are projects.

For further questions concerning donations please feel free to contact us at

When donating through bank transfers please write “donation” in the purpose line, as well as your e-mail address.