ghettokids – Soziale Projekte e.V.

ghettokids – Soziale Projekte e.V.

„All children need affection, appreciation, dignity, education, perspectives and most of all hope.”
(Susanne Korbmacher, founder)

Many children right in front of our door step live an unnoticed life with little to no perspective for the future. Most of them come from other parts of the world and were abused, neglected or unrooted at some point in their lives. Susanne Korbmacher, founder of the Munich based non-profit organization ghettokids – Soziale Projekte e.V., tries to make them visible. Since more than 20 years she works with children and young adults from Turkey, Greece, Albania and the Kosovo, who often have learning difficulties, are maladjusted or even violent due to their personal fate.

Setting up an extraordinary program the organization works against the emotional and social collapse of those young people. The diverse program offers drum lessons and dance workshops, music classes and a rapping-writing workshop, theatre projects, mediation courses, German lessons and educational tours. 400 children actively participate in these programs every year.

In June 2017 the Phoenix Foundation has financed an educational trip for students from seventh to ninth grade at the Sonderpädagogischen Förderzentrums München West (SFZ). For one week the students went to Oberau in Wildschönau, where they visited a century old castle, peeked into a glass blowing factory and hiked through the beautiful mountain scenery. What does moss smell like? Which herbs are edible and what meals to cook with it? Questions most of the kids have never considered. Additionally, lots of art, dance and sports was on the agenda. We supported this trip with 2000 Euros because we think that new and positive experiences are essential to free these children from the downward spiral they often are in, to nurture their individual talents and potential and to show them that they are as valuable as all humans.

Since October 2017 we are paying the rent for a space in Munich, where the organization can hold their various activities and create a base that is always open for the children and youths. This costs 1300 Euros per month. A useful investments because the kids truly need a space that allows to make common experiences through dancing, singing, theatre playing, drumming and making music – and this is the base for harmony, understanding and togetherness to arise. Meanwhile some kids have already learned to play the piano, the keyboard or the guitar, and regular workshops with bands and theater groups have taken place.

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